(Small) Stained Glass Collection Restock

Posted by Leigh Cavanaugh on

More Stained Glass Collection inventory is coming your way. Here is all the essential information you will need for next week.
Wednesday, June 9th at 3PM EST
This is not a full Stained Glass Collection restock; only remaining inventory from preorder production is up for grabs. As a result, some shades we have a lot of and some only a few. Items may sell out based on how much is available.

Due to these inventory restrictions, bundles will not be in stock. Only singles will be available this time around.

A full (and huge) restock of the Stained Glass Collection, along with the expansion, will be happening a bit later this year. Stay tuned for that!

Orders will start shipping (in sequence) the very next day on June 10th. Our goal is to have everything shipped in under a month. For anyone who makes a purchase, we will follow up with a more precise timeline via email once we see the volume of sales.

There is a maximum inventory of 2 per multichrome shade, per order.

We cannot accommodate order modifications, outside of essential address changes (this includes add-ons). Make sure you have everything in your cart to avoid paying for shipping twice.

Make sure to review all your shipping details thoroughly. Addresses cannot be modified once the package has been shipped.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team. Happy Shopping!

    - Clionadh Cosmetics

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