Dragon Fruit Collection

Dive into our delicious Dragon Fruit Collection, in collaboration with Emily Violet Marie. Whether you're ready to get back outdoors or depart on a tropical vacation, this collection of bright, bold hues will have you summer-ready.

Check out our interview with Emily Violet Marie here, where she discusses the origins of the Dragon Fruit Collection and the collaboration process.

Right angled view of open Dragon Fruit Palette

Dragon Fruit Palette

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Top angled view of two opened Tropico and Pitaya Fruitlighters and one closed


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Front view of Dragontini and Pitaya Fruitlacquers


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Dragon Fruit complete brush set

Dragon Fruit Brush Set (6 pc.)

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Front view of Dragon Fruit Cosmetic Bag

Dragon Fruit Cosmetic Bag

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Dragon Fruit Swatch Stencil Bundle including Large Dragon Fruit, Dragon Fruit with 15 Bars, 13 Mini Dragon Fruits, 15 Bars

Dragon Fruit Swatch Stencils

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