Holiday Sale Shipping Update (11)

Posted by Leigh Cavanaugh on

What a week! We can’t thank you enough for your understanding as our team has worked to get back on track over the last few days. We’re happy to say that all non-preorders up to #CC4000 have been completed.

All remaining non-preorders from the holiday sale (up to December 31st) in the range #CC4001 - #CC5383 are on track to be completed by next weekend. These will start shipping out early this coming week.

Preorders from the holiday sale will start processing this coming week as well. Shipping for these will begin on March 1st. Like non-preorders, we will be proceeding in sequential blocks to keep fulfillment fair. We will continue to have weekly updates with the order ranges we are working on as we dispatch.

Non-preorders from after the holiday sale that were placed in January (and onwards) will ship alongside preorders. We expect to speed through these, as there are not many due to non-preorder stock being mostly sold out at the time.

Thank you to everyone who made this our most successful sale to date. We are constantly working on expanding, improving productivity and efficiency to be better for each of you.

Have a great weekend!

- Clionadh Cosmetics

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