Perfect Neutrals Collection Launch

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We have an exciting and meaningful launch coming your way today!

The Perfect Neutrals Collection Bundle is our newest Charity Project. As a way to continue making a positive impact beyond our beauty space, Clionadh Cosmetics will be donating 100% of proceeds from this bundle to True North Aid and the Black Queer Youth Collective's Domino Project.

Wednesday, June 30th at 3PM EDT

The Perfect Neutrals Collection is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and one of the founding values of Clionadh Cosmetics - inclusivity. As a way to embrace and appreciate the diversity of the individuals behind the brand, this bundle was created to represent the perfect “neutral” for each member of our Clionadh Team.

True North Aid is focused on reducing poverty in isolated, northern Indigenous communities using their eight foundational stones of support, including: self-determination, reconciliation, health, and hope. With over 60% of Indigenous youth living below the poverty line, the organization also aims to inspire and support their dreams and goals.The hope is to create a butterfly effect, positively impacting their communities. This also includes understanding the tragic factors that are so influential throughout our history. By promoting understanding and mutual respect, True North Aid provides “practical humanitarian support.”

The Black Queer Youth Collective launched the Domino Project in collaboration with the Parkdale QueenWest Community Health Center, centred around supporting Black LGBTTQ+ youth in Toronto, Ontario. They support and uplift Black queer youth through opportunities such as presentations and community outings. Their main focus is to create a safe space and explore topics such as mental health, gender identity/expression, money management and saving, and nutrition, to name a few. 

For more information on these organizations, please visit their websites:

Clionadh Cosmetics is proud to be able to direct 100% of proceeds from this collection to these two organizations, helping them continue their incredible work and support for Indigenous and Black queer youth communities in Canada.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care. On behalf of our team, thank you for your support! 

- Clionadh Cosmetics

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