Stained Glass Collection Expansion + Restock

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Get ready to be dazzled - the Stained Glass Collection is expanding! Alongside the 54 brand new multichromes that are launching, we're happy to bring back a large selection of existing shades as well. Check out all the essential details below for the upcoming launch on Monday.
Monday, August 8th at 3PM ET (12PM PT, 2PM CT)
We will be introducing 54 brand new multichromes divided amongst the array of formulas within this collection. Including 3 entirely new formulas: Earth Vibrant Multichromes, Electric Multichromes and Pearlescent Multichromes. We will also be adding to the existing formulas: Deep Iridescent Multichromes, Hybrid Multichromes, Vibrant Multichromes, Glitter Multichromes, Glitter Vibrant Multichromes and Series 2 Iridescent Multichromes.

All new shades will be offered in their respective formula bundles, as well as individually. You can preview the new shades and bundles now under the New Arrivals page. A list of the existing SGC shades and bundles that will also be available for purchase at the time of the launch can be found here.

The CROSS FORMULA coupon is still active and will work towards the new SGC shades. (Please note that CROSS FORMULA 6 is no longer valid.)

 **The Clionadh Cosmetics website will be down at 1PM EDT, two hours prior to the launch start time, in order to finish final inventory preparations.

Stained Glass Collection


We are expecting a high volume of sales with this launch and will be operating under our High Volume Processing Timeline. With this, processing will be anywhere between 1-20 business days (this does not include weekends and holidays).

Orders will start shipping Tuesday, August 9th. We anticipate the majority of orders to be placed within the first hour of the sale, therefore dispatching these will take the longest. We will post weekly progress updates on our Shop Updates page and on social media.

For more information, please see our Shipping Policy.


Our team will do their best to get to everyone's emails, DMs and comments both leading up to and after the launch. Please allow extra time for responses during this period. Your patience is appreciated!

  • Make sure to review all shipping details thoroughly!
  • We cannot accommodate order modifications, outside of essential address changes. This includes combinations, add-ons and item swaps.
  • Address changes cannot be made once a package has been shipped.
  • We recommend adding Route Shipping Insurance to your order, for added parcel protection.
  • Coupons cannot be applied after an order has been placed.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team. Be sure to fill your wishlist ahead of time for a smooth and easy checkout process.

    Happy shopping!

    ~ Clionadh Cosmetics

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