Holiday Sale Shipping Update (1)

Posted by Leigh Cavanaugh on

Shipping is well underway! Orders from the holiday sale began shipping on January 4th as planned. We are continuing to ship multiple times a week.

We are currently handling a very high volume and have several thousand to dispatch, so your patience is much appreciated. We are processing orders in large batches of 500. All orders from one batch will ship prior to any from the following and so forth. This will keep everything organized and fair.

Just a reminder that we will be shipping non-preorders all throughout January and estimated into February. Preorders are set to start shipping by late February. We will be able to give a more thorough timeframe to complete preorders next month.

Be sure to refer to your order confirmation to know if your order is a preorder or not. If your order contains both preorder and non-preorder items, everything will ship together once the preorder items are ready.

We are currently running on our sale processing timeline, which you can find outlined on our Shipping Policy page. This processing timeline comes with a longer lead time than our standard timeline, due to the high volume of orders.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s orders start to arrive!

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