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With the restock of our circle shadows and highlighters happening Wednesday, July 28th at 3pm EDT, we want to reintroduce a handful of our shadows and provide more insight into the names, themes, and inspiration.

Close up shot of SubZero eyeshadow swatched on a finger


From the Ultra Metals Collection, Subzero is a rich, icy, foiled metallic. Launched in late 2017, this eyeshadow was used for Clionadh’s first live application video. Because of the intense metallic sheen and coordinating colour, Maggie remembers wearing this shadow to the season opener party for the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game.

Close up shot of Caribou eyeshadow swatched on a finger

Like a gentle, majestic caribou glistening in the snow, this neutral-with-a-twist eyeshadow is a sparkly metallic brown. When formulating this shadow, Leigh and Maggie were aiming to create the best of both worlds - not just a shimmer and not just a metallic. Finding the right balance can be very tricky, as metallic pigments can easily overpower the sparkle.

Close up shot of Nocturnal eyeshadow swatched on a finger


Night-crawling beasts, such as cats and toads, were the inspiration for this duochrome. Nocturnal belongs to team Witchcraft of our Witchcraft vs. Alchemy Collection. It flips icy blue with a base colour that is a much-debated topic: is it blue or is it purple? Everybody sees it differently!


Close up shot of Pink Sugar eyeshadow swatched on a finger

Returned from our Valentine’s Vault Collection, Pink Sugar is a shimmery salmon-pink that has been recently reformulated due to discontinued pigments. It would pair beautifully with shades Cookie and Linny from the Perfect Neutrals Collection Bundle.


Close up shot of Amour eyeshadow swatched on a finger


This duochrome shadow is Leigh’s favourite from the Valentine’s Vault Collection. The orange-red metallic tones of Amour represent love and it is also known as the “fiery sister of Cinnabar”, according to Maggie. This is the first collection where Clionadh did different photoshoots for each of the products. The Valentine’s Vault photos make up one of Leigh’s favourite section of the Clionadh Instagram feed. 

Close up shot of Permafrost eyeshadow swatched on a finger

One of the hardest shadows to name from the 66.5° N Collection because, well, what is it? It's a combination of a fairy pink and a grungy, dark pigment that is so hard to classify that it is stored in our “weird” pigment bin. Permafrost was created using one of Maggie’s unconventional pigment combinations, which is what makes truly unique products for Clionadh. The sisters landed on the name due to the earth-like colour, resembling the frozen layer of ground called permafrost.


Close up shot of Iceberg eyeshadow swatched on a finger

This super metallic glacier green reminds Maggie of wintergreen flavoured gum, but for the eyes! One of the most popular shades in the 66.5° N Collection, Iceberg really shines all over the lid or in the inner corner.


Close up shot of Molten eyeshadow swatched on a finger

With orange-gold tones representing fiery lava, Molten originally belonged in the “prehistoric” Paleo Palette. Paleo was Clionadh’s first venture into the world of duochromes and Molten was one of our original duochrome formulas. This shadow is so well-loved that after the palette was discontinued, the shadow was added to the Witchcraft vs. Alchemy Collection with our other duochromes.


Close up shot of Chamomile eyeshadow swatched on a finger

One of the true originals, Chamomile was launched late 2016 and is very sentimental to Clionadh. It was in the very first eyeshadow collection, the Garland and Garden quad. It was later brought back in the Harvest Moon Collection. It’s a soft cream, satin-shimmer shadow with a slightly pink undertone and a special gold sparkle. It’s an audience favourite at beauty expos and conventions and the formula has never been changed.

Close up shot of Sky Lights eyeshadow swatched on a finger

Looking to add a new formula type to the 66.5° N Collection, Maggie and Leigh developed Sky Lights, an eyeshadow made of nearly 50% sparkly pigments. A ton of trials went into achieving the vision of a twinkling night sky with the colours of the Aurora Borealis. When formulating, Leigh and Maggie went back and forth with different base tones and sparkle colours, with each minute adjustment taken into account to perfect the end product.

Wednesday, July 28th at 3pm EDT.

See you there!

-  The Clionadh Team


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  • Skylight, permafrost, and nocturnal are amazing 🤩 I just read rave reviews about your duochromes so I checked out your selection. I’m blown away! I can’t wait until you guys restock your stained glass collection. There are just so many that jump out at me.

    Jennifer Hebel on
  • I love seeing the inspiration behind the shadows!

    Lili on
  • These descriptions are cheff’s kiss

    Anna on
  • Love this idea! It’s super helpful!💜

    Chelseap on

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