Celebrating Five Years!

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Co-Authored by: Angelina Cameron and Leigh Cavanaugh

To celebrate Clionadh Cosmetics' fifth anniversary, we're taking a look back at our origin, some milestones we achieved along the way, and also taking a look at where the company is headed.


When choosing the name Clionadh (pronounced Klee-oh-nah), Leigh and Maggie looked to their mutual love of mythology. Knowing they wanted to name their brand after a mythological deity, they decided to incorporate their background and came upon the Irish goddess of love and beauty - Clionadh. 

Stained Glass Piece

The Clionadh Cosmetics logo was inspired by part of the sisters’ heritage, which is reflected in the design motifs resembling celtic knots and family crests. The vertical line of symmetry creates the look of two mirrored C’s; representative of the Cavanaugh sisters and Clionadh Cosmetics. Five years in, this logo has been incorporated into multiple aspects of the business, including jewelry and stained glass artwork (shown here). 

FUN FACT: To celebrate their first anniversary, the sisters got a tattoo of the logo on their hands while travelling to New York City for a beauty expo.

In 2016, both sisters graduated from their respective university programs (Maggie in neuroscience and human physiology, Leigh in graphic design). After planning a year off, they decided to begin Clionadh Cosmetics as a passion project out of their love for indie makeup. What they imagined to be a part-time hobby, quickly flourished into a full-time career.


The two sisters grew the business from the ground up. Despite bumps along the way, they were able to hone their skills, all the while trying to keep up with demand, maintain their integrity, and of course, the quality of products. Eventually, they were able to begin growing their team as well and hired the first full-time employee in 2019. They now have a group of 8 full-time and part-time workers to keep things flowing in the workshop. 

Stained Glass Collection

As for many businesses around the world, 2020 came with a new set of challenges. When COVID-19 became a prevalent concern for Canada in March, they had to send their employees home just after hiring several new team members. The following months were a struggle as they pushed to keep the business going by themselves (with the help of their third sister). Eventually, as lockdowns lifted, team members were able to return in stages to help get Clionadh back on track.

When asked what they are most proud of, Maggie replied, “It is almost surreal to be at a stage where we can have an entire team that has an affinity for the brand and really cares and enjoys their job.” Both Leigh and Maggie agree they feel very fortunate and proud to be able to work and build their business together. 



Despite the last five years being a whirlwind experience, the sisters are eager for what is to come. Maintaining the integrity and hands-on approach of their custom makeup line is a top priority. But Maggie and Leigh also aim to expand product lines, increase accessibility on a global scale, and continue growing their team and work space.

Here are some of the amazing projects you can look forward to for the rest of 2021 and into 2022: 

Archeo Palette
  1. Fall 2021 - A full Stained Glass Collection restock and expansion.
  2. Late 2021 - The launch of the highly anticipated collaboration project with Emily Violet Marie.
  3. 2021/2022 - Brand new products added to the Clionadh lineup.
  4. 2022 - The return of the Archeo Palette, along with a brand new sister palette.
  5. 2022 - New and exciting collaborations!

"We would like to extend a special thank you to all our loyal customers, friends, and family who have helped us grow beyond our wildest dreams in the first five years. We can’t wait to see where the future takes us in the next five!"

Maggie and Leigh

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