Dragon Fruit Swatch Stencils

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Our Dragon Fruit Swatch Stencils are perfect for arm and body swatching. Customized for the Dragon Fruit Collection, these stencils come in a variety of designs to fit your swatching needs. Purchase your favourite, or grab the bundle of all four. All stencils are cut on adhesive vinyl with a peel-off backing.

Bundle Includes Four Styles:

  1. Dragon Fruit With 15 Bars
  2. 15 Bars
  3. 13 Mini Dragon Fruits
  4. Large Dragon Fruit


  1. Dragon Fruit with 15 Bars: 6.46" (16.4cm) L x 3.11" (7.9cm) W
  2. 15 Bars: 7.36" (18.7cm) L x 3.11" (7.9cm) W
  3. 13 Mini Dragon Fruits: 6.77" (17.2cm) L x 2.4" (6.1cm) W
  4. Large Dragon Fruit: 3.58" (9.1cm) L x 3.62" (9.2cm) W

How to Use:

  1. Ensure your swatch surface is clean, dry and free from oils to allow for your stencil to properly adhere.
  2. Carefully peel off the stencil from the backing and place it on the swatch area.
  3. Lightly add pressure to all parts of the stencil to ensure it properly adheres.
  4. Fill the stencil in with desired products, making sure all the negative space has been fully covered.
  5. Once done, slowly remove the stencil to reveal the finished product.

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*Intended for one-time use. Stencils are sold with cut outs still attached.