Dragon Fruit Brush Set (6 pc.)

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Our Dragon Fruit Brush Set is entirely customized to bring a unique touch to your brush collection. Carefully curated, this 6-piece set contains five eye brushes and one highlighter brush to allow for intricate artistry and self-expression. These perfectly weighted, wooden handles feel as comfortable in your hand as their bristles do on your eye.

The Dragon Fruit Brush Set comes housed in a travel-friendly tube to protect your brushes while on the go.

Features: sturdy, wooden handles, synthetic fibres, laser-engraved and aluminum ferrules.

DF 01 - A medium-sized, domed blending brush.
DF 02 - A short, flat blending brush.
DF 03 - A large paddle brush.
DF 04 - A small packing brush for detail work.
DF 05 - A small, tapered blending brush for detail work.
DF 06 - A large, domed highlighting brush.