Stained Glass Accessories Bundle (Standard Palette + Bag + Brush Set)

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This accessories bundle includes:

Stained Glass Empty Magnetic Palette: A large, empty magnetic palette. Features a mirror and 7x7inch magnetic base for shadow storage. Customized for the Stained Glass Collection, it will fit up to 56 of our rectangular multichrome pans (seven rows of eight 24x21mm pans). It will also fit 36 of our 26mm circular shadow pans, with some margin room to spare.

This palette DOES NOT come with shadows. Shadows are sold separately. Store the palette flat and right-side up in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure the maximum lifespan of your products.

Rainbow Cosmetic Bag: Has an iridescent rainbow finish. Great for travel and very spacious. Made from a durable, water-proof plastic, so cleaning it is very easy.

Stained Glass Complete Brush Set: A 13-piece face brush set suited for all your makeup needs.

Features: synthetic hair, a laser-engraved and aluminum ferrule and rainbow, plastic handles.

1. A large bronzing brush
2. A buffing powder brush
3. An angled cheek brush
4. A targeted highlighting brush.
5. A blending brush
6. A crease brush
7. A large shader brush
8. A small shader brush
9. A smudging brush
10. A packing brush
11. An angled brow brush
12. A spoolie
13. A liner brush